Sullivan Builders'
Statement of Purpose and Commitment

If you should find you are in need of a contractor with an efficient yet delicate touch, Sullivan Builders would be pleased to be of assistance. As a small company, we focus on one job at a time and we never leave until the present client's work is finished.

With extensive experience in complex interior renovations, we approach each phase with a keen personal interest. We believe that a craftsman's personal appearance, a pleasant disposition, a clean well organized job and simply taking the time to show genuine interest in any concern our client may have are among our most valued skills.

Over the years we have perfected our own wide range of skills that we may be able to complete many phases of each project without the necessity of always bringing in another sub contractor, thereby at least limiting the typical steady flow of strangers through a private home, speeding the job progress and dramatically cutting cost.

Our tools and equipment are extensive, and the skill level we maintain with our in-house framing, tile, fine millwork, sheetrock/taping , management, and clear detailed billing far exceeds industry standards.

We are dedicated to the principle that all our invoices must be perceived as fair and reasonable and if not, without argument, we will not stop until we reach this goal. It is my personal belief that this basic principle will always serve a contractors best interest in the long term.

Before beginning any project, all phases and areas of questions are entered into a computer tracking format. Changes and deletion are always in their proper category with ease in tracking. This data is used in quickly and easily creating detailed time logs. Whenever there is a need for an accounting of all phases we are able to simply scan our digital time logs and let our computer sort and organize as the need arises.

We do not hesitate to accept small jobs for we have learned from experience that this is almost always a sure way to generate an atmosphere of healthy gratitude and often leads to large profitable jobs.

If we may be of assistance to your firm, please call anytime to arrange a meeting in person at a time of mutual convenience.


Sam Sullivan

Sullivan Builders